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The concept of online dating has been around for quite a while. Having appeared to solve a growing issue in our society: the decreasing quality of human contact, online dating sites have started to become more and more popular as people find and use them and as they discover that this way of dating is not a con or a gimmick of the digital age, but a real, useful, tried and tested tool that can make their lives better.


Dating sites are becoming more and more popular

Presently, 40% of Americans, of all ages, use online dating in order to meet new people.  In the past 7 years, the age of online dating service users have become more and more varied, from people in their 20s or 30s to ones in their 50’s and 60’s. Mature dating online sites and services have grown in popularity due to the fact that they offer safe environments for meeting and getting

Jan 24, 2017

The stresses and strains of everyday life can result in you feeling wired. This can cause a headache that hangs over the eyes and builds tension around the temples. Whilst in the office, hunched over your desk staring into a bright screen you can do little to relieve the pain. At the first sign of aches and throbbing across the brow, it is all too tempting to reach for an over the counter drug to help soothe it. Drugs are the first port of call for many ailments and are quite effective at aiding the aches and pains. It is however, common for them to not address the root cause of the problem and just makes the pain for the time being. When we feel aches and pains, it is the fundamental way of our body communicating a problem with us. Although we are all guilty of

Oct 03, 2013